Sunday, May 24, 2009

Muisc Tidbits

Kris Allen - No Bounderies. Kris Allen, the new winner of American Idol 2009, releases his debut single "No Boundaries," surprisingly I saw this on the UK iTunes. I'm pretty sure he is the first winner to have his debut single released in any other country apart from the U.S. After purchasing, I am really liking this alot, essentially your typical pop - rock offering, but I really do like this.

Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow. I've humming this song for ages now, I finally purchased the track on iTunes this afternoon --my liking for this kinetic offering has grown over the last week. I feel I'm going to be humming the chorus for many weeks to come.

Daniel Merriweather - Red/You Don't Know What Love Is. Just shelled out £1.58 on another single, Daniel Merriweather's "Red," which I instantly loved when I heard it on the radio a couple weeks back. The single comes with a another track "You Don't Know What Love Is," which carries some distincitve 70s influences, backed with drums and a twangy guitar.


ww_adh said...

I really like "Red," although I was listening to the album on MySpace, and I wasn't that impressed with most of the other tracks (besides "Change").

J.Mensah said...

ooh! I don't think I'll be listening to it anytime soon, I'll stick with the singles for now. what do u think of the kris allen single?

ww_adh said...

It's okay, nothing special. It's always the follow-up that shows whether these kinds of acts are worth anything. The first single is ready-made for them. It's when they put an album that you find out if you've got a Kelly Clarkson or a Taylor Hicks on your hands.