Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Agnes "Rlease Me"

Admittedly I was a tad skeptical about new Swedish singer, Agnes' debut single "Release Me," mostly due to her strong resemblance to Leona Lewis that only the minority seem to notice. But the song has grown me incredibly - and since my purchase from iTunes this morning, it's been on repeat. I've always been a sucker for catchy dance-pop.


Nikki said...

I've been going on and on about this song since late last year so it's a good thing you guys in the UK agree with me when I say that it's absolutely fantastic.

First step for Agness - iTunes top five, next step - UK(and possibly world..) domination! Thank goodness she's getting the attention she deserves.

J.Mensah said...

haha! Nikki your brilliant!

I remember reading your review on the Dance Love Pop album, which is AMAZING!

rcLoy said...

Agnes FTW!!! Feels like 90's Dance Pop. Goodness~