Sunday, April 05, 2009

Eoghan Quigg's debut album

Irish singer, Eoghan Quigg (pronounced Owen Quigg) came in third place (behind winner, Alexandra Burke and male-group, JLS) on the UKs biggest talent show X-Factor, which discovered british pop sensation Leona Lewis, now he's ready to release his eponymous debut album. 

The single "28,000 Friends" is currently receiving minimal airplay in the UK --It's strangely not proving that popular here (from what I can tell anyway)-- The songs a tad too cheesy for me, but that's the most of its downfalls as it does its job, appealing to its set audience --young teenage girls and young boys and girls who don't know any better.   

According to the track-list have put up, Eoghan Quigg only has 1 original song --the single-- the rest are covers which is a bit disappointing, but expected. I can't be bothered to research to tonight, so here are the obvious covers I can pick out: High School Musical ("We're All In The Together"), McFly's ("All ABout You"), Jonas Brother's ("When You Look Me The Eyes", I love this song) and Michael Buble's ("Home"). 

The album hits stores tomorrow. Will I be buying? probably not --I expect it to be very corny and kiddish, which wouldn't help my struggle to move from listening to kiddish pop music to adult contemporary. 


Ken said...

I'm utterly expecting something like Same Difference from Eoghan. He's just so teenage. I hate it.

J.Mensah said...

LOL! kinda agree

I decided not to buy it.

ww_adh said...

He looks 12.

J.Mensah said...