Monday, April 13, 2009

Album Review: Keith Urban - Defying Gravity (4/5)

Still adequately enjoying the new Rascal Flatts album, I thought I give fellow Country singer Keith Urban a listen --wasn't originally planning to, but I remembered enjoying his last 2 albums-- which consisted of nothing more than emblematic and bromidic Country music (banjos, drums, strings and the occasional paino.)

Defying Gravity keeps up a comfortable level of consistency, although the title is a bit fulsome --not as dramatic as it seeks out to be. Limited to a befitting 11 tracks, the album maintains a high degree of aptness. The opening number "Kiss A Girl" is a very strong opener, pacing with strings, a faint electronic guitar and drums. "If I Ever Could Love" follows up well, patrolling with a daring mid-tempo edge, backed with hazy horns, a twangy guitar and a almost archetypical Scotland-bagpipes.

"Sweet Thing" is a charming, fast paced number, backed with a glistening reverb-laden guitar. Personal favorite "Til Summer Comes Around" is a very eerie number, chimerically textured with gaited strings and drums. "My Heart Is Open" just fits in into the more upbeat of the album, churning out a slick, downbeat composition -- "Hit The Ground Runnin" compliments "Heart Is Open" very well, as it kicks up the tempo a notch, introducing a fun sense of Rock 'n' Roll, endorsed with a very catchy and fiery chorus.

The sentimental "Only You Can Love Me" is surprisingly supported by a LeAnne Rimes reminiscent, deep-edged bassline, also incorporating the typical country instruments. "Standing Right In Front Of You" is the more melodic of the album, bolstered with breezy, gleaming dissertation.

Next 2 tracks ("Why's It Feel So Long" and "I'm In") aren't really noteworthy --just think drum, strings and electronic guitar-- Closing the album is the "Thank You" is furthered by a nice rhythmic bassline, conisting of mostly drums and admirable piano chords running through. Defying Gravity is a very good country album indeed, although not breaking any new ground or "defying" any "gravity", but nonetheless it's a very good album --albeit, the new Rascal Flatts album is however the best country album so far, this year.

Best Tracks: Kiss A Girl, Thank You, Hit The Ground Runnin', Til Summer Comes Around, If I Could Ever Love


Anonymous said...

Not a RF fan, but will agree that Keith's album is great to me! Have you ever seen RF perform live? I was not impressed with their live performances! They do not sound like their CD at all!

J.Mensah said...

Haha? are they really bad? I've bothered with hearing them live.