Sunday, March 22, 2009

Recent X-Factor winners tidbits...

Here a few recent tidbits regarding the winners of the UK's biggest talent show The X-Factor.

  • Leon Jackson, winner of the 2007 series, has been dropped by Sony BMG due to the poor sales of his debut album Right Now. Sales for the album have stalled 130,000 units moved in the UK alone. The album spawned 2 singles, "Don't Call This Love" which peaked at #3 and "Creative" which bowed at a dismal #94. Very disappointment after Leon joined a string of X-Factor winners to nab to Christmas #1 with their debut single. His remake of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey's "When You Believe" topped the UK singles chart for 3 weeks, moving over 490,000 copies. 

  • Last years' winner Alexandra Burke has reported signed a £3 million, 5 album U.S. record deal with Epic Records. Her debut album due out sometime at the fall of 2009 has sparked interest from the likes of Pharrell Williams, who has recently produced songs for Madonna ("Give It 2 Me") and Solange Knowles ("I Decided") and Akon, who also produced for fellow winner Leona Lewis. I think Pharrell is perfect for the job, his sound is very retro meets urban. I particually liked his work with Britney Spears, on 2002s remix to her hit "Boys" and more recently "Why Should I Be Sad" taken from her Blackout album. With Alexandra, I'm expecting a hot debut single to launch her as an international artist, like what "Bleeding Love" did for Leona. Something upbeat with a nice piano riff running through it would be good (a bit too specific for these early stages, but anyway). 

  • Leona Lewis' sophomore album is also in the works. She's reportedly bringing in the producing skills from the likes of Timbaland and Justin Timbaland. Allegedly also seeking the work of Chris Martin of Coldplay to give her a rockier edge. News Of The World report that Leona is also prepping a £15 million, 24 date world tour in 2010. Her debut album Spirit was outstandingly successful, lets hope the sophomore slum doesn't greet her at the deadline.

  • Lastly, although not confirmed --Both Alexandra and Leona's albums are set to be released 1 week apart, giving both stars a shot #1. Really? we'll see.  


Anonymous said...

Cant wait for Leona's sopho album. Love every minute of Spirit. Run is just the perfect icing on the cake.

Ken said...

I just don't get it. Simon is being bitchy about Leon. Leon is an outstanding artist and he should be given adequate promotion. Sony BMG has been lacking its obligations to Leon. I hope it'll be a blessing in disguise for him. He's a great artist.

Wow, Alexandra should make it big in the US but I'm begging her management to set her apart from Leona because they're two amazing artist that don't need comparison.

J.Mensah said...

rcloy:Yehp! Spirit was brilliant! :)

Ke: I loved Leon too. I don't understand Simons problem, at least wait until sales of the next album - promotion for this one sucked. I'm very VERY very excited for Alexandra!