Saturday, March 21, 2009

Singles roundup

Happy Birthday to me!

Heres a quick roundup of singles that have caught my eye... ear this week:

"Sugar" FloRida. Brilliant! Amazing, catchy chorus, rock solid versers. Definitely better than "Right Round".

"I Love College" Asher Roth. Asher Roth makes his mainstream Hip-Hop debut with "I Love College", this songs been out for awhile now, but I only checked it out earlier this week. His rap-style is tad awkward but I like it, the songs chorus is great, consisting of strings and handclaps. His debut album Sleeping in the Bread Aisle drops April 24th.

"Here Comes Goodbye" Rascal Flatts. I really love this, very melodic and very nice piano work, accompanied by a wonderful vocal performance by Rascal Flatts.

"Hot Revolver" Lil' Wayne ."Hot Revolver" is the latest from Lil' Wayne and the latest from his upcoming album Rebirth which is set to mark Wayne's rock debut. "Prom Queen" was a good introduction, but it was messy. "Hot Revolver" is slightly better, Wayne's nauseating moaning and murmuring throughout the first half of the song doesn't really sit well behind the electronic guitar and drums. The second half of the song is more intense and solid. Rebirth looks to be a very interesting offering.

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