Sunday, February 01, 2009

UK Singles Chart, 01/02/09

1. Lily Allen - The Fear

After debuting at #168 last week, Lily Allen scored her second #1 with "The Fear", the lead single from her sophomore album It's Not Me, It's You, it's her first #1 since her debut single ("Smile") back in 2006. Stopping Lady GaGa from continuing her 2 week run at #2 with "Just Dance". It's a shame her follow up singles to ("Smile") failed to catch on --The brilliant ("LDN") only managed a peak at #6, ("Littlest Things") became her lowest peaking single to date, only managing to peak outside the top 20. 2007s double-a-side single ("Alfie"/"Shame For You") managed to score her third top 20, peaking at #15, still a shame because I think ("Alfie") would have done so well, if it was released on its own, it received so much airplay. ("Shame For You") was virtually unheard. Now the "The Fear" has achieved success at home, additionally peaking at #8 in Ireland, scoring her third top 10, she's also making way on charts across the world. It's currently captured a top 20 peak at #18 on the Australian singles chart. The single gives Lily her second appearance on the Belgium singles chart after ("Smile") peaked at #27, the single gives her, her highest peaking at #12. Surprisingly the single is also catching on in Canada rising to #57 this week, this is her third appearance on the chart, ("Smile") and ("LDN") peaked at #39 and #9 respectively. The single also managed to crack the top 40 in Denmark, Turkey and Sweden. Now all that's left is the U.S. --Lily has yet to have a song chart on the Hot 100 since ("Smile") peaked at #49 back in 2006, even managing to gain some success on its sub-charts, peaking at #25 on the Pop 100 and #8 on the Hot Adult top 40 tracks. Not bad for a debut. Back to the UK chart, I think if airplay holds strong it could see a couple more weeks at #1, aside from Lady GaGas "Just Dance", there really isn't any songs threatening its run at the top spot, additionally, "The Fear" spends a second week atop the UK airplay chart.

6. Alesha Dixon - Breathe Slow

Alesha scores her second top 10 as "Breathe Slow" the second release from the sophomore album The Alesha Show rises to a new peak at #6. I'm really proud of Alesha "Breathe Slow" is an amazing pop ballad. I'm glad it's starting to receive the success it deserves. The previous single ("The Boy Does Nothing") was an amazing minor comeback single, giving her first top 10 peaking at #5.

11. Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

I'm not gay but I think I'm in love with Jason Mraz, after purchasing his album We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. last year I've quickly became a fan of his. "I'm Yours" has been out for a while now, but it's only managing to catch on withe UK public now. This week it rises to a new peak at #11 after 8 weeks on the chart, giving him his first top 20. Although I hadn't heard of him until last year, he's made previous appearances on the UK chart before. In 2003 his debut single ("The Remedy") managed a peak at #79, obviously going unnoticed and in 2005 ("Geek In The Pink") peaked at #128, probably due to digital sales.

13. Britney Spears - Circus

As ("Womanizer") continues to slip down the chart, I was certain Britneys "Circus" was going to be a flop here, but obviously I was wrong, with only 2 weeks away from the physical single released "Circus" rises to a new peak at #13 this week, so It's probably we can expect a top 5 pretty soon. It's kinda weird how Britney gets the shortest commentary this week, Normally I could write for Britain when it comes to Britney.

16. Jordin Sparks - One Step At A Time

I've been hearing "One Step At A Time" allot on the radio lately, so the dramatic rise this week, its pretty understandable. Jordin scored some success with her previous singles, the smash hit duet with Chris Brown ("No Air") managed a peak at #3, scoring her first top 5 single. ("Tattoo") managed a peak at #24. Unfortunately I doubt "One Step At A Time" will break into the top 10, that's my prediction, but there's always the R&B chart.

25. Shontelle - T-Shirt

I've never hated this song, I like it, but I've always thought it was unoriginal. "T-Shirt" begins to make way on the UK rising from 43 - 25 this week. I've also been hearing this allot on the radio lately.

36. Pussycat Dolls featuring Missy Elliot - Whatcha Think About That

I absolutely love this song, I thought they scrapped it. I can't help but dance every time it gets played on "The Box" --it's an amazing mid-paced hip-hop orientated dance track. Taking into consideration that it only started receiving airplay only a couple weeks ago, a debut at #36 isn't so bad --it's their 8th top 40. The previous single ("I Hate This Part") which falls out of the top 40 this week, peaked at #12, giving the Dolls their 7th top 20. We just love them.


ww_adh said...

I like "The Fear" a lot. She'll be #1 this weekend, but next week she has to contend with "Breathe Slow," which seems like a very strong contender to unseat her, then the week after that there's new singles from Beyonce, Britney, and U2, so that will be a busy week. I really don't see the appeal with Jason Mraz.

J.Mensah said...

NOO!! Jason Mrazs music is really cool, give him a chance! "I'm Yours" may not be as contemporary as it should be but there really is some great stuff on his album.

I would love "Breathe Slow" to knock The Fear from #1 - Alesha deserves her first #1