Friday, February 20, 2009

Songs on heavy rotation

Here some music that are currently receiving heavy rotation on my iPod...

"If U Seek Amy" Britney Spears

Will I ever tire of this song? Probably soon, I've been in love with for 2 months now - I won't be able to hide my embarrassment when it reaches its 1000th play. Her fansite says the video for this song will premier sometime in March, just a day before her upcoming tour kicks off, really looking forward to it.

"Heartless" Kanye West

I weren't too big on this song at its time of release, but I absolutely love it, I'm even beginning to find new love for his latest album 808s & Heartbreak.

"Walking on a Dream" Empire of the Sun

I got my credit card to day. Yay!!! So I decided to browse the UK iTunes since I'm unable to use the U.S. anymore and I saw the album Walking on a Dream sitting at #5 on the top 100 albums, remembering that ww_adh had reviewed it. The title track "Walking on a Dream" was just sitting with "free" written next to it, so I thought why not? And the songs not that bad, I've listened to it 12 times since I bought it. It's a strange type of pop, but pop either way - the album based on previews seems pretty good too.

"Just Like Me" Jamie Foxx

I LOVE this song, admittedly the verses are very dry but the chorus is remarkably catchy throwing a Mariah Carey "Touch My Body" reminiscent.

"It's All Your Fault" Pink

I've been listening to this song since I bought I bought Pink's latest album Funhouse last year, but I'm only really getting into it now. It's a very breezy, contemporary effort from her. I've also got "Mean" on regular play too, I love the ballad-country vibe.

"Broken-Hearted Girl" Beyonce

I haven't heard anything from "Halo" and "Diva" here in the UK. Patience is out of the question. I think "Broken-Hearted Girl" is a single in the waiting, a brilliant ballad from Beyonce and one of the standouts from Sasha Fierce.

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