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Britney Single: Sometimes (1999)

Britney Spears "Sometimes"

Release: June 14, 1999

1. Sometimes (Radio Edit)
2. I'm So Curious

Producer: Per Magnuson, David Kreuger
Writer: Jörgen Elofsson

Billboard Hot 100: #21
UK Singles Chart: #3

With "...Baby One More Time" still continuing to dominate charts across the globe, the release of "Sometimes" (the second single from Spears' debut album, Baby One More Time, released earlier that year) was heavily overshadowed and although it gained success in a great amount of countries, I would say it became Spears' first missable single. The release of the single was a classic, following up the uptempo with a ballad move, that didn't quite click. Backed with whimisical piano chords and signs of acoustic guitar, it is a nice melodic lovey-dovey ballad, with the typical teen-love content. With lyrics like ("Sometimes I run, sometimes I hide, sometimes I'm scared of you") the song took the archetypical blueprint for a love pop ballad and watered it down greatley, making it more suitable for Spears' audience at the time.

"Sometimes" unfortunately suffered the fate of not having a physical single release. The song peaked at a disappointing #21 on the Billboard Hot 100 (the first of many Spears' singles to miss the top 20 because of this fact). Fortunately the single proved a success on US radio, it ascended into the top 10 spots on the Top 40 tracks (Pop 100 airplay), Rhythmic and Mainstream. It became her first to score reasonably well on Adult Contemporary radio. In the UK, the song scores Spears' second top 5 single, peaking at #3 -- whilst missing the top spot due other major releases, the single did surprisingly manage sell nearly 500,000 copies, becoming one of Spears' biggest selling singles in the UK. Worldwide, the song became a pretty decent hit, scoring a top 10 in almost every country, aside from France and Norway, in which missed the top 10.

The music video was directed by Nigel Dick, who also directed the previous video to "...Baby One More Time" Interesting fact: Whilst recording the video Spears' injured her leg, which left her unable to perform for months. (This would happen again 5 years later, whilst recording a video for the "Outrageous" single).

The video saw an angelic Spears' frolicking around sunny beach set in Malibu, California. Spying on her love interest from a far. It also included recurrent dance scenes, which saw Spears' and her dancer's dressed in white dancing on the port, all smiles.

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ww_adh said...

I've always liked "Sometimes." It reminds me of BSB's "The One" (which I also like).