Sunday, January 11, 2009

Britney Single: ...Baby One More Time (1998)

Britney Spears "...Baby One More Time"

Release: October 23, 1998

1. ...Baby One More Time
2. Autumn Goodbye

Producer: Denniz PoP, Max Martin, Rami
Writer: Max Martin

Billboard Hot 100: #1 (2 weeks)
UK Singles Chart: #1 (2 weeks)

"...Baby One More Time" was Britney Spears' first single, the single that would drive Spears into super stardom. The single was released before plans for Spears' debut album had taken shape. Written by Max Martin, who had previously struck gold with the Backstreet Boys, the song was originally offered to R&B trio, TLC who rejected the song as they'd already put the finishing touches on their forthcoming album at the time, Fanmail. Prior to its official release, the song's title was initially taken from the main lyric ("Hit Me Baby One More Time") but Spears' record label, Jive thought listeners would think the song was referring to domestic violence, which why the ("Hit Me") was removed from the title, subsequently replaced with the ("...").

The song summed up teen pop in the fall of the '90s. After a whole decade of mostly rock, R&B and Hip-Hop ruling the charts, Spears' delivery on the heavily pop styled "...Baby" was a long awaited change for all contemporary music listeners. Thumping a slick and catchy bassline, fueled with solid sing-a-long styled verses and possibly the most catchy chorus ever heard in a pop song. The song brought teen-pop to the forfront of music for a long while. It sparked other record labels to find their own Britney's -- following Spears' on the pop scene was Christina Aguilera, who also had success in the genre, scoring a hit with her debut single "Genie In a Bottle" as long as the genre lasted, Aguilera was Spears' only rival; although she scored many more #1s and took home the Grammy for Best New Artist, Spears' amounted to more popularity from the mass public and eventually worldwide domination, I've always thought it was because the first artist to own the teen-pop genre. Also following Spears and Aguilera was Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore, who both had 1 moderate hit, but both slumped in sales.

The single became an instant success. It debut at #17 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the fall of 1998 and quickily rose to #1 at the beginning of 1999, staying there for 2 weeks. The song would be Spears' only #1 on the chart for nearly a decade. On US radio the song became an all round hit, reaching the top spot on the Top 40 tracks (Pop 100), Rhythmic and Mainstream tally. In the UK, the song was just as much of a hit, peaking at #1 for 2 weeks -- becoming the biggest selling single of the year 1999. The single topped every single charts in every country across the globe (except for Mexico, where it had to settle for a #2).

"...Baby" was indeed a smash, but what propelled it that much higher was its classic accompanying video, which found a young Spears' in pony tails and a Catholic school girl outfit, performing several dance routines in a high school (the same high school Greece was filmed).


ww_adh said...

1999 was a fantastic year for pop music, and this was one of the decade's undeniable classic pop records. Simple, unforgettable, brilliant. I know people who absolutely despise Britney, but still love this song. It's so good.

J.Mensah said...

I know Right I really wish I was old enough to really enjoy pop music in 99. lol I know many people too who hum "" randomly yet still cussing the sh-- outta her