Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Album Review: Lady GaGa - The Fame (4.5/5)

The Fame, is the first album I've purchased in 2009. The album was released in the US last year, but is only starting to gain attention recently. I didn't pay too much attention to it. The Fame, consists of hardcore electronic based, upbeat pop. It's distinctively creative even incorporating some great throwback dance joints. Kicking of the album is the worldwide dance smash, "Just Dance", the song is absolutely brilliant, I love it dearly, it's so upbeat, catchy and contemporary --I love the shade of electronic sounds covering the track, it makes it much sweeter, its the biggest standout on the album, I think the track alone has put Lady GaGa on the map.

"LoveGame", takes the word 'catchy' to a new level, the chorus is sickeningly receptive backed up by heavy bassline, with some hovering hand claps and synthesizers souring through the song, I absolutely love it. "Paparazzi", is one of my personal favorites, it's trancy mid-tempo track almost reminiscent of Britney's ("Unusual You"), the song is very soothing to listen to, another gem on the album.

"Poker Face", the second single taken from the album --just like most of the tracks on the album is seriously catchy; its not as catchy as, Just Dance, but its definitely more melodic especially during the chorus stages, I love the stuttering during the mention of the title, when she says, "p-p-p-poker face". If given enough exposure, I think it could match the success of, Just Dance. "Eh, Eh,", is one of the tracks that fall into mediocrity, it's not bad, but its really forgettable when its surrounded by the quality of the other tracks, I noticed the track has a distinctive Caribbean vibe to it. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich", I fell in love with instantly, sounds very old-school pop, I love the drum rolls through the song and the seductively spoken "dirty, dirty, rich, dirty, dirty, rich beautiful" in the background, the beat to the song is immoderately hot.

The title track, "The Fame", is great electronic dance groove, once again very catchy, it sounds very cartoonish or very commercial, the type of songs they use in the commercials to advertise shampoo or something. "Money, Honey", sound awfully familiar to, Just Dance, but not as good, it's second song on the album that obsesses over money, I love the "m-o-n-e-y so sexy" it makes me giggle. "Starstruck", with FloRida is more hip-hop-orientated, it finds GaGa using the vocoder, this among my favorites, I can't explain how much I love it without freaking out. FloRida also does a good job on his part.

"Boys, Boys, Boys", is very playful, it sounds very single-worthy. "Paper Gangsta", along with, Starstruck, has been on repeat on my iPod since I purchased the album, it's absolutely brilliant, I fall head over heels for some good ol' slow jams. "Brown Eyes", is the ballad of the album --doesn't seem to be a favorite amongst critics, but I really do like it, it has a very distorted sound to it.

"I Like It Rough", could easily be mistaken as a sexual innuendo, if you have a dirty mind like me, but no --I'm in love the chorus, it just seems to flow... that probably doesn't make any sense, you'd have to listen to it to it understand, the song is very mid-tempo, which I adore, its a fantastic pop contemporary track, with a fair suggestive title. "Summerboy", is a great summery song, its a very relaxing song to listen to, it goes in a completely different direction to anything else on the album, its suppose to set your mind free, its one of those 'driving' songs.

Closing the album is, "Disco Heaven", which sounds very 80's, although its a pretty decent song, I think, Summerboy, should've ended the album, this sounds more of a tag-a-long. The Fame is a very solid album, I haven't heard a great, futuristic dance album in a very long time, I'm pretty sure I'll be listening to the album for months to come.

Best Track: Just Dance, LoveGame, Paparazzi, Poker Face, Starstruck, Paper Gangsta, Brown Eyes, I Like It Rough, Summerboy


Mel said...

I love everything about Gaga's record. I'm so glad she burst through when she did!

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Exactly! me too!

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