Friday, December 26, 2008

Something Lady GaGa said...

I was watching an interview of Lady GaGa on the US chat show, The Today Show and the interviews asked her, what is it about her single, "Just Dance", that draws people it and she said it's because it's "super fun" and "one of those good times songs" then she added "it's what everybody's looking for at the moment", which brings me to my point, although she probably didn't have no substantial depth behind that, it occurred to me how we've seen less and less ballads reach atop the US Hot 100.

Depending on wether you count Leona Lewis's, "Bleeding Love", and Coldplay's, "Viva La Vida", as ballads, actual contemporary ballads seem to be struggling to be reaching the top spot these-days, I would've thought it woulda been easier these days, especially with the help of digital sales helping literally any track reach the top spot. Analyzing the top 10 now, it seems, it's true generally people seem to be all about upbeat rather slow and tepid.

  • Beyonce - Single Ladies = Extremely upbeat
  • T.I. and Rihanna - Live Your Life = Fairly upbeat
  • Lady GaGa - Just Dance = Extremely upbeat
  • Kanye West - Heartless = Not too slow, but not as upbeat neither
  • Britney Spears - Womanizer = Electro-pop, extremely upbeat
  • Katy Perry - Hot N Cold = Extremely upbeat
  • Taylor Swift - Love Story = Fairly upbeat.
  • Kanye West - Love Lockdown = Sure it's slow, but it's not a ballad.
  • Beyonce - If I Were A Boy = Very slow, but you wouldn't count it as your casual contemporary ballad.


John said...

The problem right now is the state of the world. People need to be uplifted, and as long as the economy stays as bad as it is, people are going to want upbeat music to keep up their spirits. Here's hoping Leona bucks that trend with "Run".

J.Mensah said...

I actually didn't think of it like that, that's sooo true, yeah "run" debut at #81 on the BBHOT 100 this week, i'm hoping she will too; thanks for commenting