Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best Films of 2009

1. The Hangover. I have seen quite a few movies this year, however only a couple were standouts for me. As a fan of heavy comedic-influenced movies, I give Todd Phillips' The Hangover my top spot; a hilarious comedy portraying a wild night in Las Vegas for a bachelor party, which ends in disaster as the groom goes missing with the wedding only 24 hours away. I loved how the jokes seemed continuous which ultimately saved its plot-line from weakening towards the middle.

2. Precious. Another standout and possibly amongst the most surprising as initially I had this down as an underwhelming storyline even before I had seen it. Previous is a sensitive tale about an illiterate and obese 16-year girl who is abused by her mother and raped by her father (who has given her two children, one of which suffers from down syndrome) that in itself is enough of a commanding storyline to make it one of the best of the year. What didn't I see in it before? I'll never know.

3. Avatar. Originally penciled for a release in the '90s, however technology had not yet caught up with James Cameron's vision (but we did get Titanic). Budgeted at $236mill, Avatar mostly captivated me with its stunning scenery, the plot could have been stronger but when witnessing such breathtaking 3D landscapes, it's not such an issue.

4. The Proposal. I loved Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality, possibly her careers biggest highlight however her role in The Proposal alongside Ryan Reynolds is somewhat more hard-faced (as if it was possible) as she portrays an uptight worker who convinces her assistant into marrying her when she discovers she's up for deportation. I'm surprised I liked it so much considering towards the end it's pretty much cliche city, but a solid movie in all. The nude scene is hilarious! Bullock has such a nice body, I didn't realize before.

5. Orphan. I liked this movie a lot, epically for its grim and dark plot, telling the story of a couple who decide to adopt following the death of their unborn baby. Esther, the girl they decide to adopt is ultimately the daughter from hell, only she's not a girl but a 33 year old woman posing as child as she suffers from hypopituitarism. The whole movie is somewhat unorthodox, but still quite enjoyable even if its a bit uncomfortable to watch at times.

6. Paranormal Activity. This is another movie I was surprised I liked so much. The concept is silly with its obvious fakery however still remains a gripping showing when you dismiss the unrealism. Some of the antics that take place towards the end are somewhat believable. What's more impressive was how much it made at the Box Office considering its limited budget.

7. Knowing. I'm not a fan of long movies, my attention span can only stretch so far however Alex Proyas' Knowing was a pretty captivating movie, even the more uninspired moments towards the middle didn't throw me off--and with 120 minutes to get through that was an achievement. It's an intelligent thriller packed with moments of fear and anticipation and overall thoroughly enjoyable.

8. The Princess and the Frog. I'll admit it, I only watched this because it was the first time Disney had used a black princess, however I did enjoy it. As with all Disney storylines, love is the centerpoint of the movie--Princess Tiana is lovable character, full of passion and sass it's a shame she's actually a frog for most of the movie.

9. Notorious. Detailing the trials and tribulations of the life of the late rapper Norotious, celebrated for his intricate lyrical work, bittersweet friendship with fellow-rapper Tupac Shakur and relationship with Lil' Kim and Faith Evans. I loved the references to the real life statistics regarding album sales and releases. Jamal Woolard did an excellent job at portraying Notorious BIG, the resemblance is uncanny. The girl who played Lil' Kim was good too, mostly because she use to be a teen-bopper in the three-piece girl group 3LW at the beginning of the decade and now she's bare-skinned having sex on screen. Nice.

10. Michael Jackson's This is It. There's a handful of movies I preferred to this, however I didn't want it to miss my top ten and I did enjoy watching Michael Jackson proving he still had that immaculate star quality that made us fall deeply in love with him all those years ago. The guy could still dance! However its accompanying soundtrack was a joke, I mean c'mon how many greatest hits has he had this decade?


rcLoy said...

The Hangover is hilarious, I like the fat dude. He's whack, and the baby hand movin' scene is so so wrong but very very funny. I understand why Avatar is here, damn, still can't get over the 3D effects, worth every single minute of it even though the storyline is meh :/
The Proposal is funny, I like it because of Ryan Reynolds. LOL. Btw have you watch The Ugly Truth? I slightly prefer TUT more than TP.

The Princess and The Frog is good but can be better with the songs. Anyway, what about 500 days of Summer? You have to watch it!! No, I am not kidding :)

f said...

i love this list

Hangover is a suprise hit.Like Loy,i love that fat guy too.Funny.The Prposal is another graet movie.Glad to see Sandra Bullock doing so well now.

Avatar is brilliant.though the storyline is predictable,but the effct is amazingg!!!!!!

You should watch Julie & Julia.great!