Saturday, December 05, 2009

Best Albums of the 2000s (91-100)

91. Hard-Fi - Once Upon a Time in the West (2007). Spelthorne-based band Hard-Fi delivered an even more solid follow up to their debut, pursuing stronger melodies, grander sounds and bigger sound-scapes. Essential track: "Suburban Knights"

92. Mika - Life in Cartoon Motion (2007). One of the hottest acts in pop in '07, Mika brought enthusiasm and creativity to the table for his Scissor Sisters-inspired debut album, scoring his first #1 hit with "Grace Kelly." Essential track: Happy Ending

93. Michael Buble - Call Me Irresponsible (2007). This decades best mainstream jazz musician further pushed his distinctive sound for his third album earning him a Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album the following year. Essential track: "That's Life"

94. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend (2008). Whilst not a big-seller, critics sure didn't miss American Indie-rock band Vampire Weekend's self-titled debut album's charm, nack for flawless hybrid sounds and dodgy but effective rhythms. Essential track: "A-Punk"

95. Take That - The Circus (2008). After a highly successful reunion three years prior, Take That followed up their comeback album with a more restraint mix of light alternative rock and pop. Essential track: "Greatest Day"

96. Shakira - Laundry Service (2001). Shakira was the big breakout act of 2001, scoring her first major hit "Whenever, Wherever" and following it up just as successfully with acoustic ballad... Essential track: "Underneath Your Clothes"

97. Tweet - Southern Hummingbird (2002). Tweet was hot back in '02 landing her first hit "(Oops) Oh My," however the album wasn't so hot with critics, however still managed to burn me with seductive blend of acoustic and urban-orientated pop. Essential track: "Smoking Cigarettes"

98. Janet Jackson - All for You (2001). Generally considered her last good album, Janet's seventh album delivered a subtle yet commanding mix of R&B, pop and dance with a provocative sexual twist. Essential track: "Come On Get Up"

99. Beyonce - Dangerously in Love (2003). Mostly famous for its breakthrough lead single "Crazy in Love," however still holds a handful of great tracks. It's the most strictly R&B Beyonce has been. Essential track: "Crazy in Love"

100. Maroon 5 - It Won't Be Soon Until Long (2007). A tenacious mix of pop, light funk and rock sure made Maroon 5's second album an admirable collection. Whilst more confident than their debut however not as solid. Essential track: "Makes Me Wonder"


Paul said...

my god what a labour of love, can't wait for more. Totally agreeing with most of your selections but particularly Maroon 5, Take That and Shakira. I did really enjoy that Janet album too but sort of forgot about it! Oops!

J.Mensah said...

Thanks :) Your "Oops" at the end reminded me I have yet to include Britney's Oops! I Did it Again, not sure if I should hmmm..

rcLoy said...

Maroon 5 and Mika! <3
Big fan of both although not loving Mika new stuff as much.
Can't wait to read the rest :D

ww_adh said...

How exciting. I'm surprised to see Janet so low. I like Maroon 5's second album, but I'm not sure if it will make my decade list. Hard-Fi definitely will though.

J.Mensah said...

Loy, I think Mika's new album is pretty decent not as good as the first but what can you do?

ww_ah, Yay! I thought you would never comment :) I know your not a big fan of the maroon 5, you only gave it a 4/5 whereas if I reviewed it I would have given it a 4.5/5