Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Single reviews

Here are his weeks singles roundup, there's quite a few...

"Rain on Your Parade" Duffy. Duffy's back after a one-month absence since her previous single "Stepping Stone" which failed to crack the top 20 on the UK singles chart, peaking at #21. "Rain On Your Parade" is a great, dramatic, almost bond-themed song, with a pulsing beat running through it, a tad repetitive but great nonetheless.

"Gotta Be Somebody" Nickelback. Probably one of the more better rock-ballads of the year, Nickelback are back with their first single "Gotta Be Somebody" for their upcoming album Dark Horse It's definitely no "Rockstar" but a nice return to the game - the song has a great melody backed up with the typical strings, drums and other noise.

"I Stay In Love" Mariah Carey. "I Stay In Love" is the fourth single release from Mariah's latest studio effort E=MC2, after a string of flops hopes are this should perform well on the charts, there's no reason for it not 10. Mariah's last ballad "Bye Bye" might have been very sentimental, but not a strong choice for a single, "I Stay In Love" could indeed be Mariah's next "We Belong Together".

"Forgive Me" Leona Lewis. "Forgive Me" is the latest we've heard from Leona in a while, her last release was the double-a-side "Better In Time" and "Footprints In The Sand" earlier this year, which were both slow songs. "Forgive Me" is very refreshing on Leona's standards because it's something more upbeat, reminiscing back to Whitney Houston "Dance With Somebody" days.

"Hot N Cold" Katy Perry. "Hot N Cold" has been out for a while now, but I'm really beginning to take to it now. After Katy's worldwide hit with "I Kissed A Girl" it's obvious it would've been hard to follow it up well, but this raging piece of dance-pop seems to do the trick.

"Live Your Life" T.I. Featuring Rihanna. It's a shame T.I.'s going to jail soon the Paper Trail era seems to be going well for him and potentially his best era ever. His previous single, the Hot 100 #1 "Whatever You Like" was good but the second "Live Your Life" is brilliant, Rihanna does a good job on her part too. The single also topped the Hot 100 last month.

"Womanizer" Britney Spears. Britney's comeback single "Womanizer" took a minute too digest, it certainly no "Toxic" or "Stronger" but it a fantastic piece of modern electro pop, it consists of a layered pulsing electronic bassline, of course incorporating robotic vocals, reminiscent to the stuff on her last album Blackout, "Womanizer" really makes her forthcoming 6th studio album Circus look very promising.

"If I Were A Boy" Beyonce. "If I Were A Boy" is the lead single taken from Beyonce's forthcoming 3rd studio album, I Am... Sasha Fierce, It doesn't compare to her previous work, which contain similar buildings like "Irreplaceable" but it's a fairly decent song, with a pretty remarkable vocal performance.


ww_adh said...

I agree "If She Knew" is just okay--it's no "If There's Any Justice," which was his best. I'm surprised you didn't give "Womanizer" a higher rating. I like "Rain on Your Parade"--it's surprisingly simple.

J.Mensah said...

"...Justice" was so BRILLIANT! like seriously! n I knw right, I wanted to give womanizer an 8 but it seemed to biased so i sttled with 7.5 and I HAVE A QUESTION!!!!! do pre-orders count for sales for the Billboard 200 or the UK albumchart