Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mariah Carey, The Ballads

Mariah's ballads have been a staple to her since the beginning of her career, with her most remembered ones such as ("Hero"), ("Love Takes Time"), ("Vision Of Love") and the more recent ("We Belong Together") just name a few. Last month she released her fifth compilation album titled The Ballads commemorating her past ballads. The album doesn't use any ballads 2005-present, only 1990-2001.

Although the album is titled The Ballads not every track on here is a ballad, they manage to include the obvious choices for a ballad compilation such as ("Hero") ("Without You") and the Hot 100 monster #1 hit ("One Sweet Day") with Boyz II Men, but then mis-steps in including more soul-R&B/Hip-Hop oriented and less ballady tracks such as ("The Roof") ("Thank God I Found You (Remix)"), with Nas and R&B singer Joe, and ("How Much") with Usher.I did think the album managed to capture my personal highlights through Mariah's career post-2005s, Emancipation of Mimi but does seem to miss the obvious concept of the album, to include the actual ballads, I found myself wondering why the missed out great proper ballads such as ("Butterfly"), ("Through The Rain"), ("Can't Let Go"), ("Love Takes Time"), ("Can't Take That Away") or forget about the singles, there's even the great ballads buried inside her past albums that never saw the light of day such as ("Outside") and ("Whenever You Call") with Brian McKnight from Butterfly ("When I Saw You"), ("I Am Free") and ("Forever") from Daydream

With all that said, it does seem to be another remake of her first greatest hits album #1s, but the album is great, because of the songs in general, just a bit disappointed at the lack of ballads, thank god for iTunes playlists.


england said...

yeah I agree it is Kinda like the "#1's" album, but great anyway

ww_adh said...

This is an obvious attempt by Sony (no longer her label) to make some $$$. A true ballads collection would include "We Belong Together," which of course, they don't have the rights to.