Saturday, August 02, 2008

August releases

Aside from a few key releases from the likes of newcomer Lady GaGa, rapper Ice Cube and the three pieced boy band Jonas Brothers, August is surprisingly a dull month for album releases in the contemporary genre.

August 5

Lloyd - Lessons In Love. Admittedly I didn't enjoy the last release from R&B singer Lloyd Street Love there was the 2 great singles ("You") with Lil' Wayne and the mid-paced groove ("Get It Shawty"), additionally there were some good album cuts to but the album as a whole was a tad disappointing. The lead single from Lloyds third album "How We Do It" is a pretty nice summery vibed song, but doesn't set my expectations for the album any higher.

August 12

Jonas Brothers - A Little Bit Longer. I only just became a fan of Jonas Brothers recently, curious about all the hype surrounding this upcoming album, I decided to check out their previous stuff and I fell in love. Their last last album, which was their self titled sophomore was a great teen-pop album ("When You Look Me In The Eyes") was a brilliant ballad. I'm sure A Little Bit Longer, will follow up very well.

Young Berg - Look What You Made Me. Just in case you don't know, Young Berg was featured on Ray Js "Sexy Can I". I don't tend to buy rap albums unless the rapper's are really popular, but the lead single from Look What You Made Me "The Business" is very very luring.

August 19

Cheetah Girls - One World: Soundtrack. The Cheetah Girls are more of a guilty pleasure, with Raven Symone kicked out the group, their upcoming movie, Cheetah Girls One World, takes the girls on an adventure to India, sounds interesting. Their soundtracks are always brilliant urban-pop, the first had the click and catchy ("Cinderella") and the second had the electronic guitar based ("Strut"). The lead single from One World is the title track, from what I can tell from the 30 sec preview on iTunes, the verses are pretty dull but the chorus has an amazing melody.

Lady GaGa - The Fame. I love like Lady GaGa's debut single, "Just Dance" it's fun upbeat-pop. I'm looking forward to hearing more from her.

Ice Cube - Raw Footage. It's a shame after rapper Ice Cube scored his first mainstream hit with the re-release of ("You Can Do It") back in 2004, hitting #35 on the Hot 100 and an amazing #2 in the UK, his follow up singles have been rather missable and so have his albums. Hopefully Raw Footage will be a great re-introduction to the rap scene.

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