Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Album Review: Cheetah Girls - One World Soundtrack (3/5)

The Cheetah Girls soundtracks are one of a kind when it comes to Original Disney Movie Soundtracks. Unlike the likes of Hannah Montana and High School Musical --The Cheetah Girls music is heavily based around modern urban pop. Their first soundtrack was more R&B based, my favorite was ("Cinderella") which showed of a remarkable combination of upbeat R&B and balladry. Their second soundtrack was another knockout, churning out the electronic guitar based ("Strut"). So what does the third have to offer? I have to say allot, even with Raven Symone out of the group, the album still holds a sustainable quality.

Keeping consistent throughout the album the album manages to weigh up the contemporary, ballad and upbeat side of things. "Cheetah Love" is a pleasing opener, but it isn't as epic as ("The Party's Just Begun") from the last album, it has nice electronic feel, bulked up with synthesizers and other stuff. "Dig A Little Deeper" is among the weakest on the album, very boring and bland.

Starting the exhibition on the whole Indian theme is "Dance Me If You Can" which sounds vaguely like Britney Spears's ("Boys") with the spoken verses. My favorite song on here is "Fly Away" --It has an amazing chorus, brilliant vocal performance, the verses are very haunting, love it. "Stand Up" performed by Adrienne Bailon who plays the character Chanel, the song's okay, it has a nice melody but not a standout. "What If" once again performed by Adrienne Bailon, the song is an amazing guitar based ballad, it's almost reminiscent to Vanessa Hudgens ("Gotta Go My Own Way") performed in High School Musical 2 and featured in its accompanying soundtrack, definitely among the best on the album.

"I'm The One" sounds very filler, I like the synthesizer in the chorus, but apart from that it's pretty so and so. Another knockout is "No Place Like Us" I absolutely love this so much, brilliant melody, best song on here. "One World" the main song on the album, it's a brilliant Indian themed number, admittedly the verses are pretty bland but the chorus is very remarkable, excellent melody.

Really the album should end at "One World" the upcoming 3 songs aren't that good, they should be bonus track. "Feels Like Love" is boring. "Crazy On The Dancefloor" is a cringe worthy number. "Circle Game" is decent, it has a nice mellow chorus, but it's nothing special.

Best Tracks: Fly Away, What If, No Place Like Us, One World

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