Thursday, August 28, 2008

Album Review: Jonas Brothers - A Little Bit Longer (4/5)

After hitting it big with their self titled sophomore album almost 2 years also Disney heart throbs release their much awaited third studio album A Little Bit Longer. Their last disc was a wonderful combination of contemporary pop-rock and soft edged balladry, this disc doesn't differ greatly but embarks on a more uptempo clean rock direction. Unfortunately aside from a couple standouts, it doesn't have any major highlights like ("When You Look Me In The Eyes") and ("SOS") from their last disc.

"BB Good" is a wonderful almost 60s rock inspired opener, very fun and a very nice catchy chorus. Funnily enough my favorite tracks on here follow up next the lead single "Burnin' Up" and "Shelf" --"Burnin' Up" is a fun uptempo groove, with a great summery vibe to it plus a very addictive chorus and a nice little chant towards the end. "Shelf" has the best melody on the album, the chorus is extremely remarkable, I love the rush of electronic guitars and drums in the chorus. Other highlights are "Lovebug" which is another remarkable joint, the first half of the song is very mellow, consisting of nothing more than an acoustic guitar and vocals before breaking into a wonderful full throttle production, taking control of the ever so popular electronic guitar.

Another highlight is "Tonight" --It's a fast paced electrified number, showing off fantastic instrumental work, the chorus is brilliant. "One Man Show" is another of my favorites, great combination of drums and guitar.

Just as well as their some really great numbers, the album is not without the clunkers. But luckily their aren't many. "Can't Have You" is the one of the more slower songs, but it isn't as epic is ("When You Look Me In The Eyes") it's a tad bland, no distinctive melody. "Video Girl" and "Sorry" are boring, they sound more like fillers than anything else, their the biggest downfalls on the album. A Little Bit Longer just about complies what modern teen pop music should sound like, unfortunately Jonas Brothers last album is superior, but they do show some noticeable maturity here. It's a real life saver that the standouts outweigh the clunkers.

Best Tracks: BB Good, Burnin' Up, Shelf, One Man Show, Tonight, A Little Bit Longer

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