Sunday, July 20, 2008

Album Review: McFly - Radio:Active (3.5/5)

After hitting it big with 2006s Motion in the Ocean McFly carry through their signature candy cotton taste in alternative pop music. Motion in the Ocean was a brilliant piece of work --Radio:Active fails to match up to its quality, it lacks the standouts like the melodic ("Star Girl") and the showtune-ish ("Little Joanna") from Motion in the Ocean --the album takes on a more rugged edge, which falls short when it comes to their creativity, but still has a handful of excellent tracks.

"Lies" is your typical electronic guitar and drum based track, it's a pleasing opener, I like the progressing guitar throughout the song, it gives the song a melodic effect. "One For The Radio" is the albums brilliant lead single, embarking on an aggressive chant anthem like venture, absolutely fantastic piece of pop. "Everybody Knows" is among the albums highlights, taking on a strong electronic guitar, churning out some electrifying moments throughout the course of the song, it's a true summer anthem.

My favorite song on here is "Do Ya" it's an amazing 60s summer jam, it's amazing pop song, which a dash of alternative. There are rumors that its set to be released as a christmas single. I don't see it as being much of a christmas single, but -hey. "Falling In Love" is more of a mellow number --it's a pretty decent ballad, but before the wonderful chorus kicks in it's pretty tuneless up until then. "POV" is another ballad, but among the better ones, it's a very dramatic number accompanied by a very strong vocal performance, it's a definite personal favorite. "Corrupted" is one of the more experimental tracks on here, it's one of the more rock-orientated, kicking of with a mid-pace vibe before breaking into the full throttle chorus.

"Smile" is a very cheery number --very uplifting with lyrics like: "you gotta stay happy... put away that frown", very cute, I could see myself listening to this when I'm having one of those days. "The End" has a very beautiful chorus --the verses and the hook are pretty tuneless and weak. "Going Through The Motions" is a 60s throwback joint -back by a raging guitar, very cool. "Down Goes Another One" is another dramatic ballad, although "POV" is its superior, they really make a good job of using the electronic guitars.

"Only The Strong Survive" is a cute soft rock track, although it does seem a tad filler --they already do this with "Smile". Closing the album is "The Last Song" Ironically, it's a beautiful 100 percent piano ballad, basing on a excellent melody.

Radio:Active fell just a tad short below my expectations, but I did enjoy the album nevertheless. I do miss the catchy hooks and chorus of the songs in Motion in the Ocean and Wonderland. I think Radio:Active strays a bit too far from the casual pop their use to. Bottom line-- it's a decent album with a handful of excellent tracks (like "Do Ya" and "Everybody Knows").

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