Friday, July 25, 2008

Album Review: David Banner - The Greatest Story Ever Told (2/5)

It may be hard to believe but David Banner has remained consistent throughout his albums since 2003. His 5th album Certified was brilliant, albums prior to that were on a decent level so it's a shame his latest effort The Greatest Story Ever Told hasn't turned out so "great" -The album does the unusual thing of digging itself too deep and forgetting to churn out some potential hits. Certified had the catchy pornographic urban contemporary hit ("Play") -The Greatest Story Ever Told has nothing. David takes himself too seriously this time around, we want the catchy hits not the "greatest story."

"So Long" is admittedly a pretty strong opener, it finds a vocally charged Banner touching on politics and race, it's accompanied by a pretty stomping beat. After the "G.S.E.T." interlude, the album moves into "Suicide Doors" which is my favorite song on here. Put whatever he's talking about to one side and you have the perfect combination of wonderful balladry, (being backed by a nice piano riff) and a nice mid-paced beat.

The star studded "9MM" features Snoop Dogg, Akon and Lil' Wayne, it's unfortunate the track as a whole is so moderate, not even the tamed best that is Snoop could make this track any less moderate, Akon does his part well and so does Lil' Wayne -but it's still pretty so and so. After the "T.I. speaks" interlude, the album then moves into its only close to contemporary track "Get Like Me" which also serves as its lead single, the song features Chris Brown and Young Joc, it's pretty tunelss and with Chris Brown on the track it's a shame it's not as good as it should be.

Popping up again is Lil' Wayne on "Shawty Say" which samples Lil' Wayne's Hot 100 #1 ("Lollipop") where he mentions: "shawty say the nigga that she wit' ain't shit", admittedly he makes the song more enjoyable. C'mon David. "A Girl" has a great beat to it, although not as good it's the ("Play") of the album, just a taste of how X-rated it is.

"Hold On" as well as "Cadillac on 22s Part 2" racks up as the more sentimental moments on the album, embarking on a more slower venture, they both use an acoustic guitar. "I Get By" is another one of my favorites, I like it because of the heavy R&B vibe it carries across. "B.A.N." is among the worst moments on the album, it uses a recurring drum-roll throughout the song, unfortunately his hip-hop and contemporarys drum roll, it doesn't mix that well.

"Ball With Me" is your typical hip-hop club track, it distinctively reminisces J-Kworns 2004 hit ("Tipsy"), the chorus is very cheesy, it features a group of women singing, whatever their singing. "Knock Out" sounds like a rip-off of Lil' Waynes "A Milli".

The rest of the songs on the album are nothing more than fillers. Well what a disappointment after Certified completely blew me away, It's a shame The Greatest Story Ever Told doesn't follow up well, infact it falls quite short.

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