Sunday, July 20, 2008

Album Review: Miley Cyrus - Breakout (3/5)

After 2 major soundtracks and a minor self titled debut Hannah Montana OST and Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus - Miley Cyrus officially strips away from her cookie cut "Hannah" tunes and unleashes her debut album Breakout --I had no intention of enjoying the album as much as I am-- The album does the typical thing of, every time a disney star (preferably female) wants to strip away from their sweet image, they embark on a series of typical hard drums with electronic guitar numbers, notably Hilary Duff last album Identity and Aly & AJs Insomniatic. But despite this Miley did manage to pump out a fairly decent album.

The title track "Breakout" is a great opener, it's a rocky, heavily drum based power anthem, with the lyrics being about showing rebellion and having fun. Kinda like what you would've seen Britney Spears doing earlier this year. The lead single "7 Things" took a while before I could safely say, I like this, The song is a typical love you/hate you moment, the chorus finds Miley saying the 8 not 7 things she hates about her boyfriend --eventually ranting on the things she likes about him towards the end, in a nutshell, it's a good pop song. "The Driveway" is a nice ballad -nothing special though- it does have nice melody to it, especially during the chorus.

The cheesy remake of Cyndi Laupers "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" is pretty pointless --apart from the recurring electronic guitar it's pretty bland. Among my favorites on here is "Full Circle" which sounds oddly like something from American Idol winner Kelly Clarksons My December- It has a brilliant beat to it and an excellent melody throughout the chorus and the hook. Another favorite is "Fly On The Wall" it has a very eery, haunting element to it, yet another great pop song. The more slower song on the album "Bottom Of The Ocean" is a haunting ballad, but it sounds more filler than anything else. Another anthem type song "Wake Up America" the song is heavily backed by an electronic guitar, I can't find the will to like it, I think it's pretty boring, the electronic guitar doesn't give the impact it should.

One of the albums better ballads is "These Fall Walls" it's noticeably more stronger (both vocal and instrument wise) than "Bottom Of The Ocean" -one of my favorites, another good ballad is "Simple Song", the song begins with your typical piano-riff moment before breaking into a wonderful full forceful throttle production. Ballad after ballad then comes "Goodbye" the albums closing track, a beautiful guitar based number, with Miley showing off a... decent vocal performance.

You'd be wrong to underestimate Breakout the album does have some brilliant pop moments, their just not strong enough to define Miley as a serious pop act, so to speak she doesn't have her ("Baby One More Time") or ("Genie In A Bottle") but "7 Things" comes close.

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